My All Time Favorite Video

I’m often asked, what is the single greatest thing I have seen on the internet?

The hide your kids hide your wife guy is up there.  Seagulls stop it now.  Farting preacher… I digress.

I think the one video I have laughed harder at than anything I have ever seen, is from a porno.

Here it is:

You can even see the woman laughing a little bit.

I heard a rumor that the guy in the video had just gotten out of prison after being locked up for 10 years.  His first sex outside of jail happened to be with this woman on video.  Hence the jubilation.

To my joy some people made the audio into a little meme:

An internet classic


My 600lb Life, James K


WebM related is the single biggest reason why I don’t support a government run health care system (for the USA).  Or at least one that does not consider pre-existing conditions that were caused by behavioral choices.

Please look this up: Nearly 2/3 of all medical expenses in the USA are due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

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