Jaws vs. The Lyon


These guys’ balls are literally made out of steel.

It’s participation in a sport that guarantees you will occasionally  suffer serious trauma to your body.

And Then There’s This Guy

Fears are not something you choose.  I would argue that we are born preprogramed for some fears and also preprogramed to have great confidence in other areas.  But I suppose the childhood experience greatly reduces or inflames these fears based upon what happens to us.

I genuinely love heights.  I really love being on something high, looking down, looking over, taking in an expanse of view.  From the age of five I liked getting high (pun fucking intended mother fuckers).  Not saying I would hang off the Burj Khalifa tower by my finger tips, but I would gladly lay down and hang my face over the edge.

Anyway, the videos on YouTube (mostly done by Russians) of people climbing tall stuff are fun to watch.  This one provides some insight on the mindset of these people: