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In blogging, exactly like real life, you want likes and applause.  On the interwebs, the vehicle of likes and applause is the number of visits you get.  So every day, when I update the site, I check to see how many hits I’ve gotten.  It has stayed pretty steady around 300.  Below the hit counter, there is a further breakdown, where my WordPress software tells me how many daily hits specific posts on the site have received.

Now, I don’t know how people hear about my site, search for it, or arrive here, but an interesting pattern has formed:


Every day, about 50 – 100 people visit a random post I made about Brendan Fraser.

You see, about 6 months ago people on the web started Photoshopping images of Brendan Fraser to make him look absolutely terrible, and it became a small meme.  So after rounding up a couple these funny images, I made a post about it.  That post is without a doubt the single most popular thing I have done on this website.

At some point, I have always wanted to put a couple ads up, and make a few bucks off SidesinSpace every month.  Well this Brendan Fraser thing is pretty damned popular, maybe I should just revamp my entire website and make it all about him?

Not actually gonna do that.  I just find it funny.  Who are these people so interested in Brendan Fraser!?

– N

20 thoughts on “A Blog about Brendan Fraser

  1. You don’t have to do this. But I’m asking human to human. Can you please take his post down. It’s one of the top images that come up on Google images. This man has been thru enough. A punished Fraser 4chan meme shouldn’t be the first thing people see. All love here. Thanks.

  2. I love you in all your films . I miss seeing you on the big screen.
    I hope you are enjoying your life.
    hugs . God bless you.
    hope you come back. the movies isn’t not the same since you left

  3. And now every month a couple of people visit your site to see a blog about how you blogged about Brendan Fraser.

  4. Seen the trailer for the mummy remake apparently and that’s how I Google Googled Branden Fraser and seen a pic of him looking rough and somehow got here. Bored so I read entire site and left my two cents.

  5. Wow – people get overexcited. As for my Husband and I, we were watching “The Mummy” which starred Brendan Frasier (SP?) back when we were all young adults. This led to the conversation, ‘whatever happened to him, he was great’ … ? So that is how we landed here. Nice site, by the way.

  6. First of all you are a moronic,imbecilic troll to trash Brendan Fraser the man is seriously hot despite brain dead assholes like you being so miserable in your own life your obvious jealousy of the man makes you sink to such depths by insulting him.What have you ever done worth anything in life to give you the kind of recognition that man has had? Absolutely nothing that’s why you trash a man like him.Get a damn real life and leave your sorted,stupid ass opinions to your self

  7. Ended up here after seeing what looked like a “zombiefied” pic of Brendan. Made me wonder if he had actually done it to do a zombie walk. If it was real. Now you tell me it’s popular to trash him? 🙁
    Who are these vermin who feel the need to do this? He seems like a sweet man who had some personal trials a while back but he’s working on a series now and things are looking up. So he’s not Clooney. Hell, even Clooney isn’t Clooney anymore! Give the man a break!
    (on another note, he is known to have a great sense of humour so maybe he enjoys the memes. Keeps his name visible)

    • I wouldn’t say it’s popular to trash him. The makers of this meme seem quite loving toward Fraser and his legacy. For some reason it’s just damned hilarious.

      For all I know, it was the Encino man himself who decided to fuck his own shit up.

      Thanks for reading Rabbit.

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