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For more information…  Not quite sure why I started this wacky little blog.  I just save so many funny memes and sexy women it seemed a waste to let the folder sit on my desktop.  And I wanted a place to argue my smart brainy beliefs.  But I’m moving on with my life now, and this wacky little blog doesn’t seem to have much value anymore.




How to buy Crypto…

So I finally got into Crypto Currency.  It just hit me “wow this could become an alternative currency of the future that sits right beside the US dollars as a means of transaction”.  And if that is the case, early adopters will benefit immensely.

With that in mind, I have successfully purchased BTC and ETH on Coinbase.  Coinbase seems safe, but for anything in the thousands I would not store on the exchange!!!

As far as the more minor crypto currencies I used Poloniex to purchase some of them.  Poloniex does not seem legit.  I would only trade a little bit there and get the funds out as quickly as possible…

Good luck out there.

– N

More Bullshit from Google

So if you are in web design, have ever had a website, or you are familiar with web advertising, then you know:

Google is the God of all of it

In web advertising, there is only one option, one outlet: That is Google Adsense.  Whether you are a business looking to advertise or a website looking to earn advertising revenue, then there is only one game in town: Google.

As an example, if you are a business owner and you want to advertise on Google, expect to pay $100 a month for a VERY tiny advertising package that might reach a few hundred people.  Most of their standard packages are around $2,000 a month.  Good luck purchasing that package if you are a new business.

But what about on the other end?  A typical blog with ads can expect to get anywhere between 2 cents and 5 cents per click.  The money is hardly noticeable unless you have at least 10,000 unique hits per day.

But wait, there’s more…

Google just closed down their current advertising plugin.  So if you want to keep advertising with Google, then you need to uninstall the current plugin, install the new system, and figure out how to use the new system.  No transition management from Google is provided, it’s on you to make the change.

Let me translate recent change, this in business speak.

It’s a business saying, “We are making an absolute fuckload of money.  Every person we come across empties their pockets to us.  We could lose a ton of customers and it wouldn’t even matter.  Therefore, we’ll make changes as we see fit, when we see fit, and if you don’t play along… well we really don’t give a fuck.”

I’m not calling Google evil, or the enemy.  They provide a strong service, it’s pretty straightforward, and they have hundreds of people waiting on the phones (in India) if you have trouble with the system,


The man who comes up with a better advertising platform than Adsense will make billions.

– N

The Secret to Glorious Silky Hair

I’ve recently discovered the secret to glorious flowing hair.  As a man we don’t really discuss this stuff, so it was news to me.

Just don’t wash your hair.  Well wash it, but like once or twice a month.  Then after that, put a handful of conditioner in it and rinse.  The rest of the time, when you shower, just run some cool/lukewarm water through your hair.  Rinse it well.  That’s it.

It’s weird at first, but man does it get silky.  It’s natural bros, try it.

Also, Gigolos on Showtime is unironically hilarious if you get the chance to watch.

– N