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The Secret to Glorious Silky Hair

I’ve recently discovered the secret to glorious flowing hair.  As a man we don’t really discuss this stuff, so it was news to me.

Just don’t wash your hair.  Well wash it, but like once or twice a month.  Then after that, put a handful of conditioner in it and rinse.  The rest of the time, when you shower, just run some cool/lukewarm water through your hair.  Rinse it well.  That’s it.

It’s weird at first, but man does it get silky.  It’s natural bros, try it.

Also, Gigolos on Showtime is unironically hilarious if you get the chance to watch.

– N

My All Time Favorite Video

I’m often asked, what is the single greatest thing I have seen on the internet?

The hide your kids hide your wife guy is up there.  Seagulls stop it now.  Farting preacher… I digress.

I think the one video I have laughed harder at than anything I have ever seen, is from a porno.

Here it is:

You can even see the woman laughing a little bit.

I heard a rumor that the guy in the video had just gotten out of prison after being locked up for 10 years.  His first sex outside of jail happened to be with this woman on video.  Hence the jubilation.

To my joy some people made the audio into a little meme:

An internet classic


2 Things

1) When I first started this website, I would create a single blog post, then a funny image would be in that post.  That’s it, just a single funny image per blog post.  So on account of that, originally, I made the site show 20 posts at a time, then you would have to click “older entries” to get to page 2 and so on…

But lately, I became lazy and just decided to do a single blog post, then put a over a dozen images under that post.  Because of the amount of content is displaying, I had to change the website to only show 5 blog posts at one time, then you must click “older entries” to go backward…

So, this arrangement is good for the current content, but tedious for the older content.  I’m never gonna fix the problem.  Sorry but this site has thus far earned me about enough to buy a 24 pack of beer so…

2) I just discovered my ads earn me $1.15 per click.  Do with that information what you will…

– N

On the Falcons

The dust has settled.

Before I begin, let me say I am a strong Falcons fan, have been a Falcons fan for many years.

Let’s review the facts:  The Atlanta Falcons were by far the better team on that day, and the result of the game will go down as the greatest choke in Super Bowl history.  There was no hope for The Patriots heading into the 4th quarter.  What happened afterward was much more Atlanta choke than Patriots comeback.  Yes the Patriots played exceptionally well in the final 15 minutes, but the 31 point collapse cannot be called anything other than a choke.  And because of that collapse Brady got his 5th ring, the Pats will go down as probably the greatest dynasty in pro football history, and Bellichick the greatest coach.

I’d like to go into a rant about my dislike for the New England patriots and some of their fan base, but the truth is they have many good fans, have earned their championships, and did take the penalties they were given for the cheating scandals.

At this point I just can’t voice boisterous compliments for The Falcons anymore.  I will never stop being a fan, but this team is not one to be discussed for a while…

– N

*And for the record I’ve never put any blame on Matty Ice.  If you look at any of the Falcons successful playoff runs he did everything he needed to do, and the failure was on the defensive end of the football